SHOKHA MOIUKH, a newly organized cultural organization, celebrated Pohela Boishakh 1416 at the campus of Govt. B L College, Khulna with great joy and enthusiasm. It is a non-political organization organized by the interested student from different department of the college. They have started their first step through celebrating this traditional festival of Banglai where is no separation or difference of religion. As a beginning step of Shokha Moiukh and the best traditional festival it was a great challenge to them to success the program. Since I’m a member of the organization a lot of duty was being carried on my own shoulder. We started as our work plan taking permission from our college principal on 22nd March. After that we continued our work step by step till 13th April. We succeed through continuing this 23 days hard working and at last became able to celebrate Pohela Boishakh nicely.
We made colorful mask, festoon, banner , placard and many other artistic decoration. One of our great attraction was wall magazine which contents were submitted by the students from all department of the college. It was really nice, attractive and memorial where we got response enough from all sorts of students. At the morning of Pohela Boishak a joy and peaceful rally was brought out starting from the campus that was a great moment for both students and teachers. After rally a wonderful cultural program was held at campus where different types of traditional things were performed by the members of Shokha Moiukh.
I, on behalf of Shokha Moiukh, like to thank specially our principal Prof. Dr Ahmmed Reza and Prof. Md. Shofiullah, head of cultural committee. We are also grateful to Khurshida Begum and Suma Ghosh, honorable teacher of department of Zoology and Bangla respectively.
However, we are very glad to get a chance of celebrating this great festival. Our hope to new year that it will bring a lot of joy and happiness wiping out all the previous fault.


  1. Pohela Boishakher Orgim Shubhecha roilo...
    শুভ নববর্ষ...
    জয় বাংলা !